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Impulsivity + gun access = death.   


Gun violence is close to home. In the US - 39 people die every day due to gun violence. 


Those are 39 brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles. 39 PEOPLE are dead. Or to paraphrase Emma Gonzalez (one of the Parkland, Florida survivors)

            Today, because of easy access to guns, there are 39 people who “will never…”



In a short week at Family Health Care, an urban health center in Kansas City- this is the impact of guns:


  • Andre came in for a follow-up to his extensive surgery (from the bottom of his breast bone to the top of his pubic bone) to remove a bullet from his belly. He was shot after joking with a friend who felt put down. His friend warned him he would shoot. Andre turned away and laughed- and got shot.


  • Michael’s mother came in for treatment of her grief. Her son was 26 and murdered in a Kansas City street during an argument over a girl-friend. He had been left lying in the middle of an intersection for hours while cars passed by and no one called emergency services. She had received a phone call that someone thought her son was in the street and since she had no car, she sent her nephew to check. He found his cousin shot dead in the intersection.


  • Jason’s mother was in the clinic for help with her intense grief. Her 22 year-old son was killed when he was shot in the leg leaving a drug deal. He crawled into some bushes to hide from the killer and bled to death. His killer has not been found.


  • Cory was seen for suture removal from his abdominal gun shot wound.


  • Trey (Andre's son) was seen for a bullet removal (from his butt).


This is reality. Families are torn apart by these unnecessary deaths.


Easy access to GUNS is the reason for this grief.


Gun Violence


How Many Must Die?


What is it going to take before the foolish folks who support all guns at all costs learn that assault weapons do not belong on our streets?


The first law passed in Dodge City when it became an municipality was to disallow carrying concealed weapons. The photo taken in 1879 shows the carrying of firearms was “Strictly Prohibited”


More than a hundred years later, stupidity takes over and we will continue to have more deaths in these terrible mass situations until we protect ourselves by making assault weapons ILLEGAL.



Letter to our legislators:


I was the victim of a shooting a few years ago and recently had my life threatened by a mentally ill man who was supposedly trained as a military sniper. This is written to ask that you please vote to help keep assault weapons and munitions from dangerous people. Please vote to require the criminal background checks before purchase of guns. I ask that you close the loopholes in federal law that allow felons, people with restraining orders, people who are dangerously mentally ill and people suspected of terrorism (and on the no-fly list) access to weapons that can kill dozens of people in just a few moments.

There is no way killings by these people can be stopped simply by more guns in the hands of “good guys”. Even if I learned to use a gun, I could not shoot my way out of danger from a sniper on a hill more than 800 yards from me. And years ago while I was on duty at the KU emergency room and a mentally ill man came in and without a word started killing with a shot gun, it is almost unimaginable how many he would have murdered with a rapid-fire semi-automatic gun. (Most likely, I would have been among the dead.)

My safety and the safety of uncounted others, will be more secure if only my stalker and others with mental illness, such as the man who shot at me in the spring of 1981 are stopped from legal ownership of assault weapons that allow the murder of dozens in just a few moments.


I ask that you ask your legislators (Senators and Representatives) to PLEASE vote with your head and your heart. Vote in favor of the innocents that are slaughtered far too often by people who should never have these weapons in their possession.


Bills have been proposed will close the various loopholes and will save lives. Encourage them to vote to protect me, safeguard children such as those who were killed at Sandy Hook, and so many who would otherwise be at risk in the years to come is vitally important.





Active Shooter- Safety Video. The Department of Homeland Security offers some tips that might help you survive a shooting




AMA, ACP, other health associations laud court decision that allows physicians to discuss gun safety with patients

February 20, 2017

Multiple medical groups are commending a recent federal appeals court ruling that overturned a Florida state law that prohibited doctors from talking to their patients about reducing injuries and deaths from firearms.

According to the AAP, had the law, known as the Firearms Owners Privacy Act, stayed in effect, physicians who asked patients routine questions and had discussions about firearm safety could be subject to penalties akin to those experienced under “egregious professional misconduct,” such as sanctions and loss of license.

The Florida chapters of the AAP, the AAFP and the ACP, and a group of six individual physicians challenged the 2011 law, arguing it violated free speech. Although a U.S. district court judge agreed with these parties, the state of Florida appealed the decision.

The AAP signed an amicus brief supporting the district court ruling to enjoin the law in November 2012, along with the AMA, the AAFP, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Preventive Medicine, and the American Psychiatric Association. 

 “We are delighted that the constitution has been defended, particularly when it comes to the First Amendment," Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP, president of AAP, said in a press release. “Pediatricians routinely counsel families about firearm safety just as they offer guidance on seat belt use, helmets and parental tobacco use to reduce the risk of injury to children where they live and play. These are all topics that families should feel very comfortable talking about with their pediatrician."

In a statement, the AMA said it was also relieved physicians will be able to speak freely without fear of repercussion.

“This case has always been about the First Amendment right to free speech, not the Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms. The court found no evidence that any doctor has infringed on patients’ Second Amendment rights,” the AMA wrote in a statement. “Counseling patients we care for makes a difference in preventing gun-related injuries and deaths. The political interests of state lawmakers do not justify infringing on the patient-physician relationship and stifling relevant medical discussions that are entitled to First Amendment protection.”

The ACP, which stated that it has been recommending physicians ask their patients about gun ownership during normal screenings for some time, was also grateful that doctors can continue to have open, unrestricted dialogue about gun safety with their patients.

“This is a huge victory for patient safety, and for physicians’ First Amendment rights” said Nitin Damle, MD, MS, MACP, president, ACP, said in a press release. “It clearly establishes that physicians have the right under the Constitution to freely discuss with their patients ways to prevent injuries and deaths, including those associated with having unsecured firearms in their home.”

The AAP stated that the conversations being threatened would save lives rather than harm them, as parents who discuss gun locks and safety with their doctors are more likely to use them.

The ACP echoed that sentiment, citing data from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence that indicated unintentional firearm injuries caused the deaths of 606 people in 2010 and that almost 3,800 people in the U.S. died from unintentional shootings from 2005 to 2010. The ACP had also issued a call to action in 2015 regarding policy reform on gun laws to help aid in the reduction of firearm-related injuries and deaths. – by Janel Miller

Disclosure: Stein is president of AAP, Damle is president of ACP.