Family Health Care is a Safe Place

 Equity – We believe in the inherent worth of each individual and strive to interact respectfully and fairly with each person, particularly those who are most vulnerable by approaching each individual with compassion and caring.
A critical value of Family Health Care 


Family Health Care is a Safe Place-

We pledge to be a welcoming place for GLBTQ people, for refugees, for immigrants, and for people who may feel threatened because of their sexuality, their immigration status, race or ethnicity.


Heather Barros - Bird's fleeing forrest fire

 “When things fall apart, the children of the land scurry and scatter like birds escaping a burning sky....They will never be the same again because you cannot be the same once you leave behind who and what you are, you just cannot be the same....Look at them leaving in droves, despite knowing they will be welcomed with restraint in those strange lands because they do not belong”
- NoViolet Bulawayo

Dr. Lee is a member of Physicians for Human Rights and is trained in documentation of physical and psychological effects of abuse and torture. In more than thirty years of practice she has provided forensic evaluations for numerous victims of assaults/abuse/torture and has lectured on female genital mutilation at the University of Kansas and in other professional development settings.

 Physicians for Human Rights- Using science and medicine to stop human rights violations.


Attorneys may contact Family Health Care at 913-722-3100 to make appointments for people requiring asylum examinations. There is no charge for these evaluations.

Physicians for Human Rights


As a founding member of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Physicians for Human Rights shared the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.


"I urge you to celebrate the extraordinary courage and contributions of refugees past and present..."
- Kofi Anan, Secretary General of the United Nations 

Family Health Care welcomes- 
  • All cultures
  • All religions
  • All genders
  • All LGBT
  • All colors
  • All ages



What we mean by Safe Place-

Family Health Care does not report to I.C.E.

Family Health Care does not withhold treatment due to an individual's immigration status, race, ethnicity or LGBTQ status.

Family Health Care staff members pledge to be thoughtful and caring about the feelings of people who are vulnerable in our society.

Family Health Care supports and celebrates the differences that make us strong as an organization, a community and as a nation.



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Artist- Ruba Alash

          Who are the refugees?


From where do most refugees flee?

Ahmet Asar - Kurdish refugees 2013



Worldwide 2013


Where do refugees go?
There are 196 countries in today's world. Some are not hospitable, torn by war and pestulance. Some host and welcome refugees. (Note the US is among the top ten countries accepting refugees at number 10.)

2013 UN Data


KDHE Refugee Manual