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Medical Services


Red Clinic= MOM

(Maternal Options that Matter)


Prenatal care and Pediatrics care for infants and children- find out more about our MOM clinic.

Gold Clinic


Care for infants through adults- preventive and chronic health care (including HIV, Hepatitis and other serious illnesses) 


Gold Clinic


Specialty Care:

HIV- more than 30 years on the front-lines of providing care for people with HIV. First in KC to provide PrEP. Only site in KC for same or very next day PEP.

Hepatitis- more than 20 years providing treatment for Hepatitis C and B. Includes screening and follow-up care for post-treatment viral remission. (It is recommended to have testing regularly due to the continued increased risk of hepatic cancer.







Specialty Care:

Women's Care- GYN = Paps, Colposcopies in addition to pregnancy testing and prenatal care (MOM Clinic).

Pediatrics services for infants and children through adolescents.






Specialty Care:

Special care and patient education for people with Diabetes and other serious and chronic diseases.

Transgender services.








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