Mandy spoke with her hand in front of her mouth. “It is hard to get a job. Nobody will hire me to work with customers.” For years Mandy had ugly teeth. She worked cleaning the homes of neighbors- which allowed her to barely support herself and her son.


She was embarrassed to speak, to eat in public, even to go to church. Her son did not want her to meet his teachers because he was ashamed of her appearance. Her lack of attendance at teachers meetings was noted as contributing to his poor school performance.


Mandy and her young son received medical care at Family Health Care. Because of her very low income, she postponed dental care. But then, Family Health Care’s Dental Clinic opened.


Many clinics for the poor would have simply removed her teeth, (quicker, easier, cheaper) and perhaps helped her get inexpensive dentures. Dentures, which are most often ill-fitting, challenging to eat with and may break easily. (In Kansas 13% of those with incomes under $25,000 have no teeth because they can only afford extractions once their teeth are severely decayed.)


IM002461_editedMore time-consuming is a comprehensive approach to restore her teeth, to place crowns and help her save what teeth are salvageable in order to attach partial bridges. This alternative approach takes longer, but through root canals and crowns, we can often avoid dentures and help maintain normal mouth structure for those patients.


Our staff and volunteer denists helped Mandy by re-establishing a natural appearance and true tooth function. Mandy started attending parent-teacher conferences and her son’s school work improved. In just a few months, with her newfound confidence, she has completed training as a nurse’s aid and has a real job! 


Thanks to supporters, Family Health Care was here for Mandy. Help us continue our work.


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