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Oh bother!
Family Health Care is bursting at the seams!

FHC needs more space for mental health and dental services. Developing the internal spaces does not require adding on to the building, just renovations to improve space utilization. But, the outside changes we need to improve access is a parking facility. For that we have to move up as the clinic has used every available space for services.

Watch as we grow the funds for this important project. Pooh's looking for honey and Family Health Care is looking for money. Consider helping us up to the top of the honey hive.


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Family Health Care, a non-profit clinic providing health care and supportive services to medically underserved patients in northeast Wyandotte County, Kansas, is undertaking a campaign to raise $4,200,000. 


Background – Family Health Care


Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care, a non-profit health clinic, was founded in 1989 by Dr. Sharon Lee and Kevin Dennis.  Family Health Care was founded to provide health care services to the poor and medically underserved in the urban core of Wyandotte County Kansas, including patients with HIV/AIDS for whom services were not available and women who were pregnant and uninsured. 


In addition to primary and some specialty medical care, Family Health Care has been developing services to meet the needs of patients for nearly thirty years. On-site services include dental, lab and xray, pharmacy and medication assistance, vision care (glasses), mental health care, fitness, literacy and legal services. Social services and case management are also important ancillary services. Family Health Care also opens the clinic space for the JayDoc Free Clinic open three weeknights provided by medical students and supervising volunteer faculty and community physicians.


Family Health Care is doing all that we can to meet gaps in services and take on a greater volume of patients. We are fortunate to have a number of medical professionals (staff and volunteer) providing care for patients.  To maximize service to a community that is one of the poorest in the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, our primary need is additional space to accommodate the increased volume in FHC’s dental clinics (matched with the new dental staff) and expanded mental health services.


Project Overview


The project consists of renovation of the on-site dental clinic to improve and expand capacity. The dental clinic changes at the main clinic site will allow FHC to accept additional patients, including children’s dental services. Plans include an entirely new dental clinic to provide services at the Quindaro site.


Mental health care is an important unmet need in the FHC community. Renovations to develop a mental health center will allow FHC to make available more therapists to provide these services.


Although it is a costly undertaking parking is critical. FHC is landlocked and we have used every bit of available space- to the property lines. The only way to develop parking is to build upwards. The parking facility has been designed to optimize access for more patients.


Project Leadership


The kick-off event was part of our annual Tacos and Beer Event. We are planning to leverage funding opportunities, including tax credits and requests with matching funds.


Dr. Erica Findley is the FHC Project Manager. Dr. Findley is the FHC dental director and has been integral to the design of the dental renovations. She will be providing oversight of the planning, financing and monitoring of the three renovation sites and the parking project.   


The selection of construction and architectural firms is based on past successful experience in the enlarging and renovating the clinic site during the 2005 and 2012 additions. Courtney Kounkel, partner in Monarch, was lead on those projects and is very familiar with the Family Health Care building. Neil Sommers will serve as the project architect. He was the junior associate to Carey Goodman during the original clinic renovation in 2005 and his company, Clockwork, designed the 2012 addition. These two will provide the professional services needed to complete the jobs.






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Family Health Care Parking facility model 


Family Health Care Dental and Mental Health renovation plans