“We added social services to our medical black bag years ago; the law can be used as a remedy as well.”

 Sharon Lee, MD

Director- Family Health Care

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  • Children in substandard housing- asthma symptoms improve when housing is brought up to code.
  • Domestic violence victims- risk of injury is reduced when safety is addressed.
  • Guardianship- caretakers can sign for immunizations.


“No one in our nation should have to go unassisted into court when the integrity of his or her family is at stake, when he or she and their children may be thrown out of their home, when they may suffer other grievous harm at the hands of a system they cannot navigate or even understand on their own.”

Michael Greco, President of the American Bar Association- September 2005

Family Health Legal Services include:
nSocial services assessments and referrals
nLegal services assessments and-
  • ¨Advice
  • Advocacy
  • Representation


Searching for Justice-Family Health Legal Services:

Full-time attorney, Lori Jones and para-legal, Lisa Harvey help underserved people referred through Family Health Care and other community partners find justice. We maintain cooperative relationships with Kansas Legal Services and Legal Aid of Western Missouri and assist people with issues outside our scope find assistance.

Scope of Services:


Public Benefits, Disability Benefits

Education Access (Special Education)

Family Law (Domestic violence, Guardianships)


Consumer law (Utilities)


End-of-life (Wills)

Removing old warrants/cleaning up records to facilitate workforce re-entry