Family Health Care welcomes Dr. Terese Bauer! She came to us from Wisconsin where Dr. Bauer worked at clinic for the underserved and taught medical students and residents. Dr. Bauer also worked through Mission Doctors Association; providing services in Nyakibale, Uganda.







  • Front Office Team- Maria Gamino, Carla Morales, Rachel McQuitty, Sandy Vasquez, and volunteer Paulette McBride
  • Medical Assistant Team- Angie Tapia, Shanita Anderson, Samantha McMillan, Cassie Shaddox, Javier Zavala, Shayla Damien, Nuyrea Bolton
  • Medical Providers Team- Terese Bauer MD, Sharon Lee MD, Dirk Dunfee RN FNP, Michele Sublette RN FNP, Suzanne Bentley RN CNM, Kat Terry RN, and regular volunteers: Nancy Coates MD, Darryl Zeller MD, John Lee MD, Eleanor Lisbon MD, Terry Curran MD, Jim Whitaker MD, Scott Beall MD
  • Dental Provider Team- Ron Deskin DDS, Susan Ellis DDS, Deana Bender DDS, Ron Gier DDS, Brenda Foltz- Hygienist
  • Dental Assistant Team- Tina Loomis, Dontasha Smith, Roberta Neighbors, Kelly Doolan
  • Social Services Team- Brenda Willis MSW, Heather Meyer, Tammy Stowell
  • Education Team- Punky Thomas (Literacy, GED), Gerald Ortego (Peer Education)
  • Community Development Team- Nancy Graves (Grants Specialist), Jordan DeLorenzi (Community Relations Specialist), Hayley Chervany (Development Specialist)
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  • Administration- Sharon Lee (Chief Executive Officer), Kevin Dennis (Chief Administrative Officer), Administrative Assistants: Lauren Carter, Loren Jevons-Lee


  • Family Health Care Legal Services- Lisa Harvey, Lori Jones, Eunice Lee-Ahn
  • Grove Grocery- Paulette McBride, Mark Whitney, Jim Cogswell, Fifi Wiedeman




The most incredible staff!