Family Health Care is committed to fitness to improve the health of people in our community.

Learn more about the Big Changes group!

Big Changes is a special project for people with extreme weight problems who are willing to commit to a long-term plan for healthy weight loss.


Dancing is great exercise! Check it out for a fun and effective work out!



Karate is especially popular with children and teens.

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Movement classes include Karate, yoga, dance, aerobics and specialized classes for those with arthritis.

Priscilla Allen, Director, is a certified personal trainer and holds multiple exercise certifications.
Other Staff:
Rick Gursky- 4th degree black belt karate and certified exercise instructor
Alma Corchado- certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor
Elana Ruiz- certified group exercise instructor
Arlette Romo and Melissa Gonzalez- assistants

Recognition that obesity is a growing problem among the populations served at Family Health Care led to the development of the “Fit-for-Life” program. Severe medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease and other obesity-associated may be significantly reduced with even modest weight reduction.


Since initiating the program in 2001 as a simple support and informational group, it has expanded to include a full fitness program. Exercise opportunities include aerobics, yoga, and karate and cooking and nutrition classes are provided six days weekly. A well-equipped fitness center with bicycles, treadmills, steppers and weights is staffed by certified personal trainers and exercise instructors.


Our overall goal is to increase the health of participants through increased fitness and weight reduction when appropriate. We promote increased regular physical activity and reduced sedentary activity among adults and children. We utilize personal motivation and selected physical activities to encourage the clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Annual memberships are available and community members are welcome to come by for a tour or call us at 913-384-2988.


Fit for Life!

OPEN 7-7 weekdays 9-12 Saturday


See our personal trainers for an exercise plan for you!

Use state-of-the art exercise equipment (includes reclining bikes.)

Participate in aerobics, dance, pilates, yoga and other movement classes.

Become proficient at Karate and other movement activities.