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Executive Summary


Sharon Lee Family Health Care (FHC), a non-profit clinic providing health care and supportive services to medically underserved patients in northeast Wyandotte County, Kansas, is undertaking a capital campaign to raise $4,200,000 in order to increase access to care. 


Additional space is needed to accommodate the growth that the clinic has experienced since the facility expansions in 1993, 2005 and 2012. Renovations are needed to provide accessible facilities for the maximal use of the expanded staffing made possible by our new status as a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike. This designation has allowed greater provider staffing and we are now working to accommodate rapid growth in the volume of visits we provide.


The pressure is on for FHC to provide more access to needy populations in our community through more visits (Medical, Dental and Mental Health). The need and increased services is being met through increased hours to maximize facilities utilization and increased staffing. FHC plans to optimize facilities and personnel usefulness. The current most significant resource bottle-neck is the limited parking.


Dental services have been increased and a portion of these capacity expansion funds are to re-configure the dental space to make it more efficient for expanding dental services. We have three full time dentists and two full time dental hygienists. We are looking to renovate the current dental facilities in order to have more active dental operatories to enable optimal utilization of the space. (These renovations do not include major structural expansion, but only internal reconfigurations.)


Mental Health services are also growing. FHC has added two mental health providers and has been working on a collaboration with Wyandott, Inc. for additional services for FHC patients through their staffing in FHC facilities.


This capacity expansion campaign flows from the needs for greater access to medical, dental, and mental health care services for the uninsured poor in our community and from the ability of FHC to address these needs with improved facilities and expanded parking.




Project Overview

The project consists of the above noted renovations to current spaces to improve access to dental and mental health services and the two level parking garage. The garage will nearly double the available parking spots for greatly improved accessibility.


The selection of construction and architectural firms for this campaign is based on successful experience with two past renovations in 2005 and in 2012. The architects including Neil Sommers and general contractors including Courtney Kounkel have been the leads through the two earlier capital improvement building projects and are working on this renovation.





Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care, is a non-profit health clinic, founded in 1989 by Dr. Sharon Lee and Kevin Dennis.  Family Health Care provides health care services to the poor and medically underserved and uninsured in the urban core of Wyandotte County Kansas, including patients with serious chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and Cancers as well as women who are pregnant and their babies. 


In addition to direct medical care, Family Health Care strives to meet the Dental and Mental Health needs of low-income patients. Other services include social services, medication assistance, fitness, literacy, and legal aid services. Family Health Care also provides space and other supports for the JayDoc Free Clinics which are held on weeknights and organized and implemented by the students and faculty of the Family Medicine Department of the University of Kansas Medical School. Our Maternal Options that Matter collaboration with KU Family Medicine provides prenatal and obstetrics services for women to ensure healthy babies.


The FQHC LAL designation, allowed the expansion of FHC provider staffing in August, 2018, and a significant increase in the number of visits. Five years ago, in 2013, we provided 13,980 visits, by 2017 we increased to 15,977 visits based on the initial designation of FQHC. Since increasing the provider staff in August, 2018 it is expected FHC will finish 2018 with more than 18,000 visits. This expected growth is projected to continue into 2019.



Limitations to Access 

Parking Limitations

A prominent issue is the parking squeeze. More than eighty individuals work at FHC and some days there are more than 130 individuals who are seen in the current facilities. Efforts to increase parking have included:


We have worked to reduce parking congestion:


Scheduling to ease congestion-

  1. We have spread scheduling from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM Monday-Wednesday and 8:00 Thursday as well as increasing Saturday hours and soon to provide urgent care hours on Sundays.


Staff parking off-site-

  1. We lease parking under the 7th Street bridge for staff (accommodates about 20). This is from the State of Kansas and Union Pacific.

  2. We pay for bus passes for any staff to use the bus rather than drive (about 6 use this benefit).


Shared parking-

  1. We have attempted to make agreements with neighboring businesses to lease shared-parking. We have good relations with all our neighbors but we have failed to achieve any long-term parking agreements.


The planned two level garage will nearly double the available parking spots.



 Mental Health and Dental Limitations 

At the present time there are two inadequate counseling spaces and no group therapy space available in the FHC facility (although there is space that can be reconfigured for these uses.)  


With two added Mental Health therapists and agreements with other mental health practitioners in the community to provide services at FHC facilities, the renovation of FHC currently-owned space will allow a significant increase in these important mental health and behavioral health services. Planned changes include increased substance abuse and other group behavioral support meetings as well as individual therapy for patients suffering from depression, grief, obsessive compulsive behaviors and other issues that are amenable to cognitive and other therapy modalities. The plan includes five private and two group therapy rooms.


Dental services have been increased and a portion of these capacity expansion funds are to re-configure the dental space to make it more efficient for expanding dental services. We have three full time dentists and two full time dental hygienists. FHC is looking to renovate the current dental facilities in order to have more active dental operatories to enable optimal utilization of the space. (These renovations do not include major structural expansion, but only internal reconfigurations.)   Making the operatories accessible at the main clinic and the addition of two operatories to the Quindaro space will improve our opportunities to provide dental services.




Project Impact 


The impact of the additional space is expected to enable Family Health Care to add an additional 4,000 visits the first year and up to 8,000 visits.




FHC requests financial support to add to the currently pledged $850,000 toward the total $4,200,000 community funds required for these renovations and the addition of a two-level parking garage to help FHC meet accessibility needs for health services including medical, dental and mental health care.


Thank you for your consideration.


Family Health CARE is one of Kansas City's top non-profits listed on Guidestar (previously DonorEdge), a resource of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Family Health Care’s financial, operational and programmatic measurements are analyzed by Foundation staff annually. We have earned the Guidestar Gold participant level certification.


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Support for Family Health Care’s operations and facilities, including our programs and projects, is provided by grants/donations from many individuals, corporations, government, and foundations.
Recent major donors:
Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation
Black Community Fund
Briedenthal-Snyder Foundation
Courtney Turner Trust
Curry Family Foundation
Delta Dental Foundation of Kansas
DST Systems
Entertainment Alliance Fund
Gary Dickinson Family Foundation
Gladys Kelce Trust
Goppert Foundation
H&R Block Foundation
Hall Family Foundation
Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Hispanic Development Fund
J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation
Jack and Helyn Miller Foundation 
Jewish Heritage Foundation
John W. Speas & Effie E. Speas Trust
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation
Menorah Legacy Foundation
Miller-Nichols Foundation
Oppenstein Brothers Foundation
Skill Builders Fund
Sosland Foundation
Sunderland Foundation
Sunflower Foundation
William T Kemper Foundation
Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Wyandotte Health Foundation

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Starfish Fund
Loren Eisley was a twentieth century academic and writer. The following is a paraphrase of a revised story that he wrote as the “Star Thrower”:


A writer, while walking along the shore early one morning, spotted a stranger repeatedly pick starfish from the sand and throw them one-by-one into the sea. “Why are you throwing starfish into the water?” the writer asked. The stranger answered, “The sun is up and the tide is going out. They will dry and die here.” The writer pointed out there were thousands of starfish on the beach, one person could never make a difference."I made a difference for that one”, the stranger answered, tossing another starfish into the welcoming sea.


The world's problems may seem insurmountable, but making a real difference is as easy as clicking below and donating to Family Health Care's Starfish Fund.







More about the Starfish Fund 


Living in poverty is difficult often with “just enough”; just enough for the rent, just enough for the medicine, just enough for the utilities. Sometimes there comes a tipping point – a point where is no longer “just enough”. A small misfortune may escalate to tip an individual into joblessness, homelessness or another situation that may change a life or a family for generations.  


Assistance provided at a tipping point can re-balance a life. It can help a person remain healthy, prevent loss of a job, or keep a family in their home. Helping at the right moment may make all the difference. Help us help through the Starfish Fund which ensures Family Health Care can be there to help when patients’ needs are immediate and there is nowhere else to turn.

Family Health Care has a tradition of providing quality health care and of truly caring for patients, of weighing in to tip them back

*Mike was already homeless. But he had a bike that he used to get around to his work as a temporary handyman. Then the tipping point came when he had to be in the hospital a couple of days. When he got out, his bike and most of his other belongings had been stolen. A used bike made the difference for Mike to get back to work

*Sandra got a new apartment, but she had no furniture for her or the kids- they slept on the floor. Mattresses and sheets helped them get better sleep so they could perform better in school

*Edith walked to work about a mile mostly uphill because her flat tire could not be repaired and she could not afford a new one. As winter set in, her 6 AM walk was in the dark and cold. She thought about quitting the cashier position she had for three years, but a new set of tires helped her stay on the job

*The Philllips family missed paying their electric bill and after the electricity was shut off, social services took the children to a foster setting. Paying off what they owed helped them get their kids back.  



Please consider giving to the Starfish Fund and help us help! 


 More about Family Health Care

For nearly three decades, FHC has tended to some of the sickest and poorest in the Kansas City community. We are here to help during some of the most troubling times for people we serve.


Andrea, who is here for school in KC and a long way from her home and family in Africa, discovered she was pregnant and came for prenatal care through FHC’s MOM Clinic (Maternal Options that Matter). She was heart-broken and very frightened to learn that she also had HIV disease. Fortunately, she was in the right place; FHC is a leading provider of HIV care in KC and we treated Andrea for her pregnancy and for HIV. After delivery, FHC continued to treat momma Andrea and her baby with antivirals. After several months it is clear the baby is healthy, without HIV and only needs routine care.


Each week at FHC, staff and volunteers provide health services, social supports and just plain caring to hundreds of folks in need in our Kansas City community. Often they have no insurance and few resources. This year over 800 people received services through our Care Beyond the Boulevard (CBB) homeless program. Most of the men and women CBB serves are found sleeping “rough” under bridges or in brush or encampments in empty lots.


As the safety net under the safety net in Wyandotte County FHC provides care for people with serious chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS- Lou Gehrig’s Disease), or metastatic cancers. FHC also cares for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and other more common chronic illnesses. Preventive care included services last year for more than 130 pregnant women and their babies who were seen in the MOM clinic and for over 350 children.


Family Health Care works tirelessly to improve the lives of those we serve by providing compassionate quality medical care and wrap around social services. This year we provided care to more than 4,700 individuals through more than 15,500 visits.  By achieving the FQHC Look-Alike designation this year, we established a strong foundation for the future. But, because we continue to see so many who don’t have insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, we really need your help to build on that foundation. Thank you for considering a year-end or on-going charitable gift to help support our work for Andrea and her baby and hundreds, even thousands, of others.


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