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There are direct tests and indirect tests.


  • Direct PCR tests are more accurate. Direct tests look for the virus or portions of the virus itself.

Direct tests are polymerase chain reaction tests (PCR) that react when viral RNA is present. Just like most tests, PCR tests are very accurate, but the accuracy depends on the amount and quality of the specimens that are tested and the type of RNA the test examines.


1. There is a viral test to see if you have the infection right now. This is a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) RNA test that looks for bits of the virus. In order to get an appropriate sample with a swab that may be placed in the nose, the throat or possibly just in the mouth. This testing takes several hours after the swab makes it to the special lab that has the equipment to run the sample. These are the tests that were significantly backed up at some of the large labs. It took several days to get the reports, but is now down to about 48 hours. The test is to help determine treatment for individuals.

          A positive tests tells us a person is infected and should be watched carefully for the possible development of deadly symptoms. While most (over 80%) of us do well and have symptoms mostly like a cold, some may become extremely ill, with high fever, or shortness of breath or other symptoms that should lead them to the hospital.

     > False positive PCR tests are extremely rare. There may be false positives if the test is too broad. The current PCR tests are generally tuned very tightly to the SARS-CoV-2 and are nearly 100% accurate.

         On the other hand a negative test doesn't mean anything because it tells us only that a person was negative at the moment in time the test was performed and says nothing about what may happen twenty minutes later when they may be exposed at the grocery. It is not helpful for any decision-making purpose. If people are confused about the test and think a negative test is predictive in some way they are mistaken. No medical or workplace decision should ever be based on a report of a negative test.
      > False negatives (A person truly has the virus but their test is negative) may occur if there is too little test material (generally mucus from the nose or saliva from the mouth) or if the test material is too diluted. Self-testing has more false negatives because often an individual does not put the swab in deep enough, or leave it in for enough material to be picked up on the swab. Since false negative corona virus tests may occur, people with continuing symptoms are asked to follow with their health care provider.



  •  Indirect tests look for antigens (proteins produced by the virus) and/or antibodies (immune components made by the human immune system).

These tests have a lower accuracy rate because there may be cross-reacting (similar) antigens or antibodies from colds or other corona viruses.

These are blood tests, usually have a faster reporting time and have a higher number of false positives and false negatives or erroneous tests. While the FDA has authorized some of these tests to be marketed, none are actually approved. 



Antibody test are usually drawn from blood through the arm or a fingerstick sample. Blood carries antibodies that are used by our bodies to fight infection. The questions that remain about antibodies are:

A- It is not certain the virus is actually affected by antibodies. Some infections may cause antibodies to develop, but the antibodies are not enough to fight the infection. HIV is an example- antibodies develop against the virus but are not effective, so people with antibodies continue to have active HIV virus.

B- If the antibodies work to fight the virus, it is not known how long they may be effective. Do they protect for a brief time? Or are they protective for years like many vaccines?

These tests help us learn how many people in the population have been exposed to the virus. It may help us figure out which people may have had the infection and just felt it was a cold and who may still not have been infected. This information is helpful to make plans for how humans may be able to better fight the virus. But, antibodies are not very helpful at this time for individuals because we do not know if they actually protect us from another infection with the virus.




What about Testing in KC?

As of Mid-October, 2020 the following are ways in which you may find tests available through your local Health Departments:



Wyandotte County, KS Health Dept. (HD) 

913-573-8855, Drive-up or walk-up, have had symptoms in past 48 hours M-F, 1 pm - 5 pm at UG Public Health Dept. (619 Ann Ave., KCK, 66101) and at multiple pop up test locations throughout week and Saturday. Go to website for details

Johnson County (KS) HD 

913-715-2819 (8 AM - 5 PM, M-F)
Schedule a testing time online
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Every other Tuesday, 3-7 p.m.

Jackson County (MO) HD 

Call 311 after 8:30 AM until 5:00 pm M-F for the COVID-19 Call Center
816-404-9883 - Jackson County HD #
Testing M-F, can call 311 to make appt (11 AM - 1:45 PM)
50 walk up testing spots everyday from 9 - 11 AM
Go into the website and select the location you want to go to
2 locations every day
1 locations of 9 AM - 2 PM, 1 location 10 AM - 2 PM
Covers KCMO, Jackson County & Clay County residents

Clay County (MO) 

Must fill out questionnaire online
Only have MO 24 hour hotline: 877-435-8411
By appointment only, must fill out online questionnaire on Clay County Public Health website to schedule
Will do asymptomatic testing





311 By appointment- call 311 8:30AM-5:00PM weekdays

Leavenworth County (KS) HD 

913-250-2000 Screening Hotline at 913-250-2000, option 3. The Screening Hotline is staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Miami County (KS) HD 

913-294-2431 Complete online questionnaire on website to schedule test

Platte County (MO) HD 

816-587-5998 Complete online questionnaire on website to schedule test

Cass County (MO) HD 

816-380-8425 Test by appointment- online or call 877-435-8411.
Jefferson County (KS) HD 785-403-0025  

Douglas County (KS) HD 


Children's Mercy COVID-19 Call Line 

(816) 302-8800 For pediatric patients

Select CVS also doing COVID-19 Testing, check website first to verify and check availability 

Go to website Self-administered. Must be 18 or older, must have symptoms or known exposure, test results coming back in 6 - 10 days average. Make appointment on website. They will supply results.

Select Walmarts also doing COVID-19 Testing, check website first to verify and check availability 

Go to website Self-administered. 3 locations in KC metro, 2 in KS, 1 in MO. Taking 3-5 days for results. They do provide a report positive or negative. 

One location in KC metro area in KCK at State Avenue and 29th St. 

Register at website. SELF-ADMINSITERED TEST. Results back in up to 4 days. Must be 18+ and have symptoms or exposure.

Doing testing at select KS locations - Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee Mission


Go to website first. Appts M-F, S, S. Go online and register. EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE, THEY WILL REFUSE YOU ONSITE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SYMPTOMS. No charge. Will bill insurance if you have it, but no charge if not.

Rapid testing with results within hours
Locations in KCMO & Gardner 

Fill out website for evaluation for appt 1pm-5pm Mon-Fri (Missouri location) 816-505-3669 (KC North, MO)

11am-3pm Mon-Fri (Kansas location) 913-856-1369 (Gardner, KS)

12-4 Sat & Sun (both locations)
Appointment time confirmation is the time the provider calls/talks to you. Then, he/she will schedule a time for you to come for testing in our parking lot during above time frame only.
Select Hy-Vees now offering testing:  Register online, self administered, they UPS out test kits, results back in 3-5 days. Do provide results. Self-administerd test.

Rapid testing using the Quidel test (96.7% sensitivity)

Must go online to make appt. (Enter the zip code of Oak Park Mall - 66214) By appointment, Mon. - Sat.. THEY CHARGE $80



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