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Imagine being so poor you have your utilities including water turned off for months. Imagine that your spouse who suffered a stroke now requires full-time care while you try to hold down a job and provide for your family that includes two teenagers. Consider that your job pays you a bit too much to qualify for Medicaid and far too little to purchase health insurance. Imagine having diabetes with so little food in the house that your blood sugar drops, sometimes so low you almost pass out before swallowing jelly from the food kitchen to bring your sugar levels up. Then imagine developing an infection in your foot so bad you have to have an amputation. Finally, imagine the surgeon tells you that you must do a daily dressing change and take an IV medicine four hours every day for six weeks because the infection is in your bone and moving upward. Plus you are deaf and learning disabled...
Now imagine there is no one to help.
No one is there to help you get your life-saving medicine. No one is there to help change your dressings. .
Stop imagining, because this is a real situation. Where would you turn?..
In this true situation, this family turned to the only safety net clinic with staff willing and able to provide this level of care- Family Health Care on Southwest Boulevard. Four or more hours of IV therapy every day for six weeks (yes, including Sundays and holidays) at Family Health Care. Cleaning and re-dressing the amputation site. Help getting the necessary medications, dressings and other supplies, help with your spouse and yes, even with food. All the support needed to help save your leg and your life...
Nicole, Shanita, Samantha, Caroline, Dirk and other volunteers and staff at Family Health Care have pitched in. These and others give time away from their own families on weekends and holidays, they provide needed care.
We serve the patient. We serve the entire family...This is what we do at Family Health Care.


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