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Family Health Care is known in the community as a place for vulnerable people to find help. Recently on a dark, cold rainy night a good samaritan was prompted to pick up a person standing on the street with several bags. He told us he had watched as she made her way down the street, then when one of the handles of a plastic bag broke, she had collapsed from the sheer weight of despair.


Physically she was apparently ok, but she would not speak. Not knowing where else to turn, the good samaritan brought her to Family Health Care. Although it was after the clinic's regular hours, we evaluated her and found she had no evident physical ailment. She began to open up and talk about her situation. She had a host of psychiatric and social problems. The clinic social services advocate helped find shelter, medical folks reviewed her previous treatment and came up with a plan and some sample medicines to tide her over for a few days.


As we talked, she began to trust and told us how to reach her family. When we called the number, her sister answered. "Thank goodness! We have been looking all over for my sister. Sheila disappeared and we've been so worried." Her mother was in a wheelchair and the sister was working two jobs. 


They wanted her home. And Sheila agreed. It was late when we drove Sheila to her home in Western Wyandotte County. Her mother opened the door from her wheelchair, smiled and opened her arms to Sheila. Sheila has people who care. Our caring helped reconnect them. 



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