Family Health Care is different from most other safety net clinics.


How Family Health Care is different:

  • Our pay scale- everyone volunteers or is working at the same hourly rate - currently $15/hr. We believe this has a significant impact on morale as all staff are considered equal. Donations actually go toward services not staff perks.]
  • Our team structure- each staff member works with their team to problem-solve day-to-day issues. Teams meet regularly and team leaders meet weekly to review common issues.
  • The entire staff meets together weekly to make and review operational decisions and establish priorities.


Why does Family Health Care charge on a sliding scale? Why not give free care?


People with low incomes often struggle for the necessities of living. But, while handouts may seem kind, most people prefer not to feel beholden. Shame often inhibits people from asking for help, or may lead to premature termination of treatment. One variable associated with engagement in care and enhanced responsible behavior is charging for services.


Our sliding scale allows people to pay what they can (some are unable to pay every visit, others may pay only $5- we work with people who are not able to pay.)

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