Wyandotte County Kansas has many challenges. These maps, tables and websites help tell the story.

Wyandotte County has a high concentration of people who live in poverty. The proportion of people living below the federal poverty level in the zip codes along the Eastern Wyandotte County/Kansas State line is greater than any in the State of Kansas or in the Kansas City metropolitan area. In fact the percentage who live at half the poverty level is greater than the percentages at the poverty level in most of the other Wyandotte County zip codes.


Living in the western part of the County is associated with more than ten years of added life-expectancy compared to the easternmost zip codes/census tracts. (Note- Ages at death listed by area.)

The Wyandotte Community Health Council's page on census tract level data on vulnerabilities by Esri



Wy County Health Ranking- 101 of 101 ranked counties in Kansas for Health Outcomes

 From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin

Kansas Health Matters- compare WyCo data to other Kansas counties.

General Census Data

Data USA Wy Co Profile


Wyandotte Co Health Data Compared to 3,142 other US Counties

PDF of County Report

Health Data Interactive Map

Family Health Care provides for the needy in our community. This map shows the percentage of people in each zip code who live at or below the federal poverty level. It also shows (in parenthesis) the percentage of people who live at or below 50% of the federal poverty level. The folks at this level of income are often homeless and lack access to basic services. 



% of individuals living at or below the federal poverty level.

(% of individuals living on incomes below HALF the federal poverty level.) 



From IHME- Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation- Univ of Washington

Peter Klashorst Boat People Rohingya

Throughout human history and during the history of the United States, immigration has been fueled by natural and manmade disasters. The US and Kansas City have hosted refugees. Wyandotte County came to be through immigration of abolitionists and was an important part of the underground railroad hosting slaves immigrating/escaping before and during the US Civil War. "Boat People" referred to people coming to the US from Germany in the 1880's, Belgium in 1915, from Vietnam in 1978, and other mass flows of immigration. It also has referred to refugees from China, from Myanmar- the Rohingya people and during the past year from Syria. Kansas City, Kansas has welcomed people from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and many hostile places from all over the world. They make their home here now.