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Please do not view the eclipse without full eye protection (you need welders goggles or specially designed glasses). DO NOT USE REGULAR SUNGLASSES. (They are not strong enough and you could have retinal burning and even permanent blindness as a result.)

Family Health Care is located where the eclipse will be visible 99.97% (not quite full). Join us for a safe viewing party between 12:30 and 1:30 PM on Monday August 21, 2017.


$5 includes your own personal safety glasses and refreshments. 

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Champagne & Chocolate- more here...





Dr. Lee and Chef Lidia at the restaurant- Lidia's Italy KC
A top culinary destinations in the Midwest, Lidia's Italy, host of Family Health Care's: "Good Morning for Health!- Building a healthy community".

Great food, Great event!

Please watch this space for upcoming announcements regarding next year's event. It will include a timely discussion of health care issues with a great breakfast!


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The Affordable Care Act- impact on Family Health Care

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