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AMA- Support of the Affordable Care Act


Kansas is one of 19 states that have not expanded eligibility for Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The rejection of expansion has so far cost the state more than $1.3 billion, according to the KHA. - See more by clicking here

The question I ask is "How many lives have been lost?" SLeeMD 

More hospital closures expected in Kansas- click here.



A horror movie could be made of a person awakening to find their body transformed to the opposite sex. As a physician, I understand our gender is most strongly held in our brain. There are people who have the misfortune to have a birth defect in that part of their brain resulting in switching their gender identity from that of their external genitalia. When children have birth defects such as a cleft lip or club foot we don’t think it odd to have those surgically repaired, to become normal. But, a transgendered child or adult is erroneously considered by many to have made a “choice”. People who would never dream of laughing at a person with a scarred face, a missing leg or other severe defect see a transgender person as fair target for social ostracism (or worse). There is no connection between gender dysphoria and pedophila or abuse of children. Many trans-people live among us, working, shopping, attending school; without attracting notice. Most transgendered individuals want nothing more than acceptance and to be allowed to live their lives in peace, as the gender fitting their brain. Those who don’t suffer from this biologic solecism should be grateful and gracious. SLeeMD




Zika is not Ebola. It is worse for us. Ebola was mostly far away, Zika is coming. It is certain. The number of US cases increases every week, carried by infected people. When Mosquito season hits this season- thousands of Americans will become infected by mosquito bites, especially in the Southern states. There is no cure, there is no vaccine. The virus does not kill in the way Ebola kills. Zika causes severe birth defects. It kills the hopes and dreams of mothers and fathers by causing untreatable microcephaly (very small brain).


In February 2016, President Obama asked Congress to approve emergency funds to help control the mosquitoes that spread the virus and support vaccine research. The funding is opposed by members of Congress from our State. By July and into the next year, we will see the terrible results of this inaction. As a physician, I ask you to urge our members of Congress to act now to approve the Zika funding. It is time to put the lives of patients and unborn children over politics to provide this important emergency money to help control the spread of Zika. SLeeMD