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Care Beyond the Boulevard was conceived by Jaynell (KayKay) Assmann after she noted the number of homeless people coming into the hospital where she worked as a nurse. As soon as she became certified as a Nurse Practitioner, her first goal was to establish an outreach to the urban poor and especially the homeless. She worked as a volunteer at the Micah Ministry food kitchen and in 2016 while working at Family Health Care, KayKay developed Care Beyond the Boulevard. We see 6-22 people each session (most Monday evenings) and provide care for urgent and chronic health needs. Additional services are provided as necessary through Family Health Care's Southwest Boulevard clinic.

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Timmy and his wife live on the streets, a difficult place to keep a knife wound clean so it heals properly. It is also tough to heal without proper dressing supplies or antibiotics. He came into the Care Beyond the Boulevard site, not expecting much beyond a warm meal. But, then he met KayKay who got his infected wound cleaned up, bandaged properly, and gave him antibiotics and extra dressings. When he left, he had a plan- keep the wound as clean as possible, take the antibiotics and follow-up for more treatment. Unlike the hospital where he had been treated and then shuffled out with instructions but with nothing in his hands, he had the dressings, the antibiotics and most importantly he had a real ally in helping to heal his injury. And - yes he came back, he healed up. Timmy still sleeps in the rough, but he is healthier now. 




Monday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm, free, nourishing suppers are provided to our neighbors in the church's capacious Fellowship Hall. This “cafe” ministry,  is principally staffed by church members, metropolitan civic and religious volunteers and advanced urban ministry seminary students. And now Care Beyond the Boulevard provides health care services for our guests.


If you are looking for something to do and want to make Monday your favorite day of the week, we have just the thing for you! Join us at Micah Ministry and Care Beyond the Boulevard located at Independence Boulevard Christian Church where we serve nearly 1000 plates of food every Monday night. We also have a medical clinic and need medical professionals to help provide Heath care to the homeless, poor and uninsured. It's an amazing service and no one has walked away not wanting to come back!



The Micah Ministry began in 2001 at Independence Boulevard Christian Church (in downtown Kansas City) and continues today as an ecumenical outreach to the urban poor in the greater Kansas City metro area. Week after week, Micah is enriched by the servant leadership of numerous partnering churches and community organizations which voluntarily staff, supply and fund the Micah Ministry. This urban mission is unique in several ways: It is the largest local outreach mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the largest region for the Christian Church (the Kansas City region). Also, it is one of the few urban outreach missions that simultaneously offer multiple ministries in one evening, in one location, over a single hour-and-a-half. Peaceful guests who may or may not be sober to receive those ministries are welcome, and there is never a charge for receiving ministry at Micah.