Study shows poverty reduces life expectancy by years...

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Costs of employer based health care insurance hits lower paid workers harder.

Health costs have grown so quickly over the past several decades, an increasing share of workers’ total compensation has gone toward health insurance premiums. These higher premiums partly explain why middle-class wages have stagnated, lagging productivity gains. Rising health care spending—both on premiums and out-of-pocket costs—totally erased wage gains for a typical family from 1999 to 2009. ....Rising deductibles and copayments have reduced the value of health insurance over time, and these out-of-pocket costs weigh more heavily on low-income workers.

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Employee compensation (wages + benefits) has increased. But while the costs of benefits have increased, wages have stagnated for low income employees (not so for higher income employees).


Including costs of healthcare increases the percentage of the population under the poverty level