Miranda- A True Story 
It was fall when Miranda was brought to the clinic by her son. She had been recently hospitalized and placed on hospice due to liver failure. She drank too much, and alcohol had pushed her liver to the point that it no longer worked properly. She was the color of squash with fluid collecting in her belly and her feet. The whites of her eyes were amber. Miranda was dying, and fairly rapidly. 
Miranda had no insurance and no money. She was living with a man who also drank heavily and who was abusive. During her first visit, we mostly talked. We talked about her broken dreams and we talked about hope. Her last glimmer of hope was to stop drinking. In order to do that she had to leave her partner of twenty years. She had to make really big changes in her life. There was little that medicines could do, but we could encourage her and support her making healthier decisions. 
At her second visit she talked about her lack of courage. But, the most courageous thing she was doing was acknowledging her problems. She grabbed for the glimmer of hope. At her third visit she announced she was moving in with her son. He required that she stop drinking, which she did.
Four years after her first visit, Miranda remained sober. Her liver healed (yes, they can!) She was no longer yellow or bloated with fluid. Each morning she walks her grandson to his grade school and in the evening she makes dinner for her son and his family. Miranda got her life back. Family Health Care was simply here for Miranda.
Family Health Care is here for many people who have broken lives. Please consider helping us continue our work. Help us continue to be here for people in our community- people like Miranda.

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Artist - Yevgenia Watts