Sara- A True Story 
Sara was born more than 7,500 miles from Kansas City. In her African village, women with “slim disease”- AIDS, were shunned, left to mostly fend for themselves.
Her father came to build a new life for them in KC with skills that were in demand.  The wheels of immigration turned slowly. Sara’s mother died before coming to KC. Sara, who was infected with HIV from birth, was left in the care of her grandmother and was ignored by most of the people in her village.
Sara’s father worked for three years to bring her to live with him, but he was not successful.
Then he found Family Health Care.  
He asked if we would agree to treat Sara if she came to KC - one of the steps required by immigration. We agreed.  Family Health Care Legal Services helped him navigate the legal system. We were able to help bring Sara to the US to join her Dad when she was nine.      
When she arrived, we learned Sara had suffered a great deal. Without treatment Sara’s AIDS had progressed and she was very ill. She was also very shy, not only because her English was spotty, but also because she was accustomed to being treated badly due to her AIDS.  
Family Health Care provides a supportive environment. Sara is blossoming as a young teenager. Sara has controlled the virus with regular treatment. She is doing well in school.  Family Health Care has been there for Sara and her Dad; and with your help, we will see her through high school and beyond.  
UPDATE: 2017- Sara is starting at KU on a scholarship and preparing to become a doctor! 

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Artist- Crystal Cook