About our new name-
Sharon Lee Family Health Care
Previously named by our location- Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care Services of Greater Kansas City, Inc.
  • This name was too cumbersome. Over 70 characters. It did not fit many required forms.
  • This name was not the common name most other agencies/providers and patients used to refer to the organization during the past thirty years.
- We chose to change the name to honor Dr. Sharon Lee, co-founder of the clinic in 1989.


Sharon Lee Family Health Care is your Federally Qualified Community Health Center. That means we have met the rigorous federal standards to qualify for this designation.


Our goal is to continue to provide the quality, affordable, and accessible comprehensive care you have come to expect from Family Health Care.

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Family Health Care is a 501c3 charity.

How does it work?

HIV particles "dock" on the human CD4 (T4) cells a bit like the space shuttle docks on the space station and then fuses the membranes to allow the inside of the virus to move into and infect the cell. Some people have a genetic difference and they lack to connecting proteins (CCR5) for the docking to be completed. These folks are resistant or partly resistant to infection by HIV.



Docking and fusion...



In 2007 scientists reported a patient in Berlin who had leukemia and a bone marrow transplant that included complete irradiation and destruction of all his T-cells. His transplant donor's T-cells were missing the receptors and so after he survived the bone marrow transplant, he was found to have no detected HIV even off medicine. In 2018 a second patient in London with the same situation has also been found to have no detectable viral levels after his irradiation and bone marrow transplant. This is the first replication or proof the concept works. There are problems- bone marrow transplants are expensive and sometimes people do not survive the extreme radiation. It will likely be many years before this proof of concept will make a real difference for people living with HIV. But, this is a big step in the science of HIV.

Another patient "cured" of HIV?


An electron micrograph (with enhanced colors) of a human T-cell surrounded by green HIV viral particles.


Watch as the funds for this important project grow. Pooh's looking for honey and Family Health Care is looking for money. Consider helping us up to the top of the honey hive.

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Onward and Upward



Sharon Lee Family Health Care, (FHC), announces our “Onward and Upward” capital campaign to expand the current location at 340 SW Blvd., KCKS.  Plans are to renovate the main dental clinic, and adding new facilities which will include a mental health clinic, and a second dental clinic at the Quindaro location, 538 Quindaro Blvd., KCK, along with a three level parking facility.


“We are busting at the seams to meet the demand to serve the many families in need of quality health care,” remarked Dr. Sharon Lee, CEO and Founder, SW Blvd. Family Health Care.


Dr. Erica Findley, Project Manager and FHC Dental Director reports, “These renovations for expanded special services (dental and mental health) take up every bit of our available space. For more parking we need to go up!”


Through leveraging of local and regional foundation and donor support FHC will need to raise $4.2 million to meet goals for the renovations to complete the work by the end of 2019.


Onward and Upward - Capital Campaign


Oh bother! A burst seam!


If you believe you were exposed to HIV, it is important to be treated within 72 hours. Call 913-722-3100.  

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Clinic: PrEP HIV CARE

Expert Care for people with HIV infection



HIV Services

 Reduce your risks for getting HIV by 97% with one pill once a day.

Artist Crystal Cook

."I came to you as an immigrant, with no money and could not speak English then. I did not even know the nature of my ailment..." (Click here for more)

Real stories from patient care files.

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Making a difference can happen in many ways. Support Family Health Care working for the vulnerable of our community through a donation to our Starfish Fund



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