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Serving Kansas City’s
for over 30 years

Family Health Care began with the mission of providing health care for the poor. We chose to triage the most pressing health concerns and have focused on caring for those who have the least options- people with HIV and other serious illnesses, uninsured pregnant women and other needy populations. FHC located in the Eastern side of Wyandotte County and now in the Turner area because of the concentration of poverty and health needs in this area.


To provide health care and supportive services to all, including the medically indigent, in a nondiscriminatory manner and setting, dedicated to continuity with quality medical care


Since it’s founding in 1989, Family Health Care (FHC) has continuously focused on providing health care and other supportive services for the poor and vulnerable, and on improving the health of our community.

Programming activities center on the common vision of providing health care and increasing the well-being of the community by empowering people to improve through knowledge, especially of health behaviors, and promoting individual responsibility for personal development.


We believe in the inherent worth of each individual and strive to interact respectfully and fairly with each person with compassion and caring.

We emphasize participatory decision-making and teamwork.

Individual Development
We are dedicated to fostering growth and promoting empowerment of individuals and families.

We accept a broad definition of family and support the strengthening of family connections.