340 SW Boulevard, KCKS 66103


Maternal Options that Matter (MOM)

Family Health Care provides a home and support for the MOM Clinic, a collaboration with KU Department of Family Medicine and Nurse-Midwifery Program to serve the pregnant women in Wyandotte County in order to improve prenatal care and outcomes – which are some of the lowest in the State of Kansas and in the Nation. Annually, MOM provides services to around 200 women and their babies. We have bilingual support and offer prenatal, postpartum, and newborn services in order to care for you and your family while you are pregnant and once your baby is born.

Welcoming care for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


• Pregnancy Tests
• Routine Prenatal Care
• Social Service Assistance
• Dental Services
• Postnatal Care


Family Health Care and the MOM clinic accept all Kansas insurance and Medicaid plans. The clinics also offer sliding scale payment plans based on your family’s income, if you do not have insurance.


Family Health Care and the MOM clinic will not turn anyone away based on ability to pay or resident status.
Family Health Care is a safe place.